When Those Problems Could Be From Your Car's Exhaust System


A car's exhaust system is very important to the function and performance of the car; if the exhaust is not pulling fumes and emissions away from the engine, this can cause a bad mixture of oxygen and fuel so that the combustion of the engine is compromised, and your engine runs rough or not at all. The car's exhaust system also filters those fumes and emissions, and helps to keep the engine running coolly. Don't overlook problems you may be having with your car's exhaust, but note a few troubleshooting tips so you can determine what those problems might mean and what to expect by way of repairs.

1. Black smoke 

If there is black smoke coming from the tailpipe, this is usually a poor mixture of fuel and oxygen; the fuel is burning more than it should, so it produces this thick black smoke. This can be because of holes in the exhaust system that are letting out too much oxygen, so that more fuel burns. This puts excessive wear on the engine as it's not meant to burn this high distribution of fuel. Note if this smoke is accompanied by your engine struggling by sputtering, jerking, and even stalling, especially at lower speeds or when idle, as this often means the engine is not getting the right mixture of fuel and oxygen.

2. Poor gas mileage

If you need to suddenly fill up at the gas station more than usual, the exhaust system is the first place to start looking for problems. If there is a hole in the exhaust system and it's not pulling out oxygen or emissions out as it should, the engine works harder and, in turn, you're using more fuel. Since the exhaust system also keeps the engine cool by removing hot emissions, the engine can be working harder because it's overheating.

3. Bad smells

If you notice any type of bad smell from your car, you can check the exhaust system for leaks or holes. These smells might be carbon monoxide that should be directed away from the car's engine but which is leaking into the cab. A burning smell from under the car can mean that there is oil leaking onto the exhaust. When this happens, it can cause corrosion and a hole in the exhaust system. If you notice anything that smells like exhaust fumes or burning from under the car, have the exhaust system checked first before anything else.


23 May 2016

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It's easy to get overlooked when you head into get your car serviced if you are a woman. I have found the trick to getting the auto repairers to take me seriously is to do some research beforehand and look at what the log book says they need to replace this service. I wish I had started doing it earlier because it's also helping me trouble shoot repair issues and I'm saving myself a lot of time and stress this way. I'm keeping track of everything I have learned on this blog so I can share it with other new drivers and help them understand their auto service requirements as well.