3 Reasons Your Reverse Camera Is Not Behaving Like It Should


When it comes to safety features fitted to new cars in the last decade, the reverse camera is one innovation which has proved invaluable. Between assisting people reversing into parking spaces to making sure no person or object is behind the car before the reverse commences, the reverse camera is an item which is sorely missed if it stops working. There are several reasons why a reverse camera stops operating the way it should. When it happens to you, here are three common issues and the reasons behind them.

Camera Image Black and White Instead Of Colour

Reverse cameras show what is happening behind your car by placing a colour image onto the dashboard-mounted display. When you stop seeing that image in colour, then it is either a faulty connection or part of the wiring has been damaged. You can continue to use the reverse camera in black and white if it does not overly bother you, or you can book the car in for diagnostic to see where the damage lies.

The Dashboard Monitor States No Signal

If the reverse camera is misbehaving and showing the message, "No Signal" instead of an image on the dashboard monitor, then the connection between the reverse camera and the monitor has been interrupted. This is likely caused by a connection point fully dislodging or the wiring circuit being completely cut through. An auto electrician will need to trace the wiring from the monitor back to the camera unit to see where the disconnection has occurred so that they can repair or replace the damaged part. To learn more about auto electrical repairs, contact an electrician near you.

The Reverse Camera Does Not Operate At All

If your reverse camera does not operate at all when you place your vehicle into reverse, then either:

  1. the fuse has blown and needs replacing
  2. the camera is no longer working at all.

Use the user manual for your car to locate where the fuse box is. The user manual has a diagram which shows where the fuse is for the electrical system. You must remove this to check if the wires within the fuse are broken. If they are then you can buy a new fuse at your local car part shop. If you are not confident about where to locate the fuse, or you have replaced the fuse and the camera still does not work, then contact your auto electrician to have the issue investigated further.

Now that you know why your reverse camera is not working properly you can arrange for it to be repaired quickly so you can return to using this device for your driving convenience.


24 March 2020

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