3 Common Electric Problems with Power Windows


Remember when you had to crank your window up or down. Those days are long gone, and today, virtually every vehicle is equipped with power windows. The windows are powered by electric energy from a battery, which has many advantages. For example, the windows are easy to operate even for a child. Besides, they are safe and give a driver full control. However, the convenience does not mean that power windows are immune to problems. For instance, if there is a problem with the power window motor, the system will stop functioning. Therefore, it is essential to know the common causes of power window issues.

Bad Window Motor

Operating a power window requires energy from a battery. However, electric power goes to a motor first. The motor then connects to a window regulator via a gear system, which supplies energy to control a window's movement. If you place your ear on a car door and hear a faint whirring sound when you press the power window switch, you have a good motor. However, if you do not hear anything and your window does not roll up or down, the chances are high that the window motor electric system has malfunctioned. The good news is that a professional auto electrician can easily solve most window motor problems.

Faulty Window Switch

Another common cause of power window problems is a non-functional switch. According to auto electricians, a switch is the central activation point in a power window system. It is because pressing a power window button completes the circuit and sends electric energy from a motor to a regulator. Over time, constant operation of the switch wears the contacts and wiring system. Eventually, the switch will stop working properly, preventing the normal operation of your power window. Usually, an auto electrician will take apart the switch and use a multimeter to ascertain the resistance on the wiring system. If the contacts are worn, an auto electrics technician can replace the cabling.

Blown Fuse

A fuse-links a power window and a vehicle's main electrical circuitry. Therefore, if there is an electrical issue within a window's circuit, such as a surge, the fuse will blow, cutting electric current to the motor. It makes a blown fuse arguably the easiest power window problem to diagnose and fix. The reason is that all windows will stop functioning since there is no flow of electricity. The only remedy for a blown fuse is replacing it and addressing the electric problem that caused the surge.


14 December 2020

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