Is That Rotten Egg Smell in Your Car Signalling the Need for Diesel Repair?


No motorist wants to live with unpleasant odours in their vehicle. And most people can agree that the smell of rotten eggs in their car is not only off-putting but it can also be incredibly embarrassing, more so if you are to give a lift to workmates or, worse yet, a romantic interest! Thus, most people would want to get to the root of this problem as soon as possible so that they can be rid of it. The first thing that you should know about this rotten egg smell is that it is sulphur. Secondly, the sulphuric odour comes about when hydrogen sulphide, which is in your car's fuel, makes its way into the interior of the car. When your diesel vehicle is in optimum condition, the hydrogen sulphide is continually transformed into sulphur dioxide and this is odourless. Keep reading to learn if that rotten egg smell in your car is signalling the need for diesel repair.

The fuel sensor has malfunctioned

Your diesel car's fuel sensor is designed to regulate the pressure of fuel in the fuel pump system. If this sensor is to malfunction, it will lose its ability to regulate the fuel, and this leads to an excessive amount of oil making its way to the catalytic converter. When the catalytic converter is clogged with too much oil, it is no longer capable of processing the by-products formed when the exhaust is in use. As a result, the hydrogen sulphur is not converted into sulphur dioxide and you start to smell the rotten egg odour whenever exhaust is emitted from your vehicle. It is also worth noting that the more by-products not processed, the more they collect on the catalytic converter and this can cause this auto part to overheat. It is crucial to seek diesel services so that the fuel sensor is replaced in good time.

The transmission fluid is stale

If you have been driving around with old transmission fluid, there is a high likelihood that you will start to smell rotten eggs in your car. Contrary to popular belief, transmission flushes are not merely a suggestion by your mechanic. This measure is crucial for a couple of reasons. Not only does scheduling transmission flushes work to eliminate the old fluid that is stagnating in your car but it also helps with getting rid of any debris that has accumulated by using a specialised solvent. When you keep putting off these flushes, the aged transmission fluid can end up seeping into various parts of your vehicle, increasing the chance of the odour of rotten eggs making its way into the interior of your car.


12 April 2021

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