Why Have a Mechanic Check Your Car Before a Roadworthy Inspection?


If you want to sell your car, then it might need to pass a roadworthy inspection first. In some areas, you can't sell a car without certification that it meets certain safety standards. For example, the inspection checks areas such as the vehicle's tyres, brakes, suspension, steering, lights and windscreen.

If you aren't sure if your car will pass this inspection, then you can take it to a mechanic first. What are the advantages of doing this?

Speed up The Roadworthy Certification Process

Your car needs to pass a series of basic checks by an authorised inspection service before you can get roadworthy certification. If you aren't mechanically minded, you might not know if everything is in order. As such, you won't be able to tell if the car will pass the inspection test or not.

If you go straight to an inspection and your car fails the tests, then you have to go away and fix the problems. You can only reapply for an inspection once the work is done. As a result, you might have to wait for a new inspection date. This could hold up the process and you might not be able to sell the vehicle as fast as you want. You could also lose potential buyers if they don't want a long wait.

If you have a mechanic check your car over first, then you get an idea of whether it is in a roadworthy condition or not. If it isn't, you can then choose whether to fix any problems before you book an inspection. When your inspection comes around, your car should pass because you've already sorted out problem areas. This then translates to you getting faster certification.

Avoid Additional Inspection Costs

You have to pay a fee to have a roadworthy inspection. For instance, if your car fails the test, then you have to pay for repairs. You then have to pay another inspection fee for the second post-repair check.

However, If you have a mechanic check your car first, then you could save some money. You'll still have to pay for any repairs you need to make the car roadworthy. Fortunately, you won't have to pay a second inspection fee. If your car is in the right condition when you first have it inspected, you'll only have one fee to pay. This saves you some money.

To find out more, contact your local garage. They can tell you if your car needs any mechanical repairs before a roadworthy inspection.


29 September 2021

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