Does Your Car Need a Trip to the Repair Shop?


You may be able to start your car and drive it on the road, but this doesn't mean it's in good repair or that it's even safe. Some car repairs that compromise your safety are difficult to detect or their signs get overlooked by car owners, who may reason that if their car can be driven then a repair job can wait. This can be not just dangerous but it can also cause that needed repair to get worse so that you wind up paying more once you do visit a mechanic.

Note some signs that your car needs repair and be sure you take it to a repair shop once you notice these. This will keep you safe and keep your repair bills as low as possible.

1. When Brakes Are Overly Soft, or Are Grinding, Squealing, or Squeaking

When brakes are overly soft, meaning they don't grip the tires as they should, this can mean that you have a leak in the brake fluid line or that your pads have worn down too far. Both are very serious concerns, as the fluid can leak out entirely and your brakes will fail when on the road, and when pads are too thin they don't grip the tires at all and you can skid and slide instead of coming to a stop.

Grinding and other loud noises also typically signal that the pads are worn down, or may be slipping out of place. In turn this puts pressure on the rotor inside the wheel, and can cause damage. If you don't have the pads changed as soon as possible, you may need to then eventually have the rotors changed as well.

2. If You Notice Odd Smells or Leaks from under Your Car

A sweet smell from under the hood of your car usually signals a coolant leak. Burning smells often mean an oil leak. Other odd, burning smells can signal a leak of the transmission or steering fluids.

You may see puddles and leaks from under your car when you notice these smells, and it's always good to have your car checked out by a mechanic (like those at Federation Automotive) when you do. Allowing coolant or oil or any other fluid to leak out unchecked can lead to certain parts of your car seizing up unexpectedly, or your engine running too hot when on the road. In all cases, this can mean major damage to your car's engine and other components, and very expensive repair bills.


19 February 2015

Car servicing for women

It's easy to get overlooked when you head into get your car serviced if you are a woman. I have found the trick to getting the auto repairers to take me seriously is to do some research beforehand and look at what the log book says they need to replace this service. I wish I had started doing it earlier because it's also helping me trouble shoot repair issues and I'm saving myself a lot of time and stress this way. I'm keeping track of everything I have learned on this blog so I can share it with other new drivers and help them understand their auto service requirements as well.