Is That Rotten Egg Smell in Your Car Signalling the Need for Diesel Repair?


No motorist wants to live with unpleasant odours in their vehicle. And most people can agree that the smell of rotten eggs in their car is not only off-putting but it can also be incredibly embarrassing, more so if you are to give a lift to workmates or, worse yet, a romantic interest! Thus, most people would want to get to the root of this problem as soon as possible so that they can be rid of it.

12 April 2021

Vehicle Maintenance: Understanding the Importance of Logbook Servicing


If you have acquired a new vehicle, you should be diligent in maintaining it. In general, it is advisable to conduct logbook servicing for the best long-term results. As implied, this approach to proper automobile upkeep involves using the provided logbook to keep track of the maintenance work. Often, vehicles deteriorate because people conduct maintenance work when they notice a decline in the performance of the critical systems. Logbook servicing provides a clear plan for conducting the core upkeep tasks in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

19 February 2021