When Was the Last Time That You Checked Your Car's Suspension?


If you think that your car's braking system is solely responsible for bringing your vehicle to a halt, think again. Several other components are crucial to this safe operation and if you don't keep an eye on them, you may be risking the safety of yourself and others. While you must maintain those brakes in good condition at all times, you should periodically check these other components to make sure that they're helping and not hindering your deceleration effort.

20 July 2018

3 Car Safety Inspection Checks When Preparing for a Long Drive


Have you ever looked up at the ceiling one Friday afternoon and it felt like the walls are closing in on you? Well, those that work from home understand this feeling. Extended breaks every once in a while are recommended to rejuvenate your mind. To this end, long drives have proven to be beneficial. If you choose to take such a trip, it is essential to conduct safety inspection checks to the car.

25 April 2018