Remanufacture or Rebuild—What's the Difference?


Heavy goods vehicles are designed for the long haul these days, and it's not uncommon for one to last ten years or more in the same fleet. This makes it more attractive from an ROI perspective, as the fleet owner can get a lot more use from the truck and turn more payloads. However, the mechanical components will need a lot more attention as the vehicle gets longer in the tooth, and eventually, the owner will be faced with a stark choice. In order to continue with this vehicle, the engine and transmission need a full overhaul, so should they choose to rebuild or remanufacture instead?

Sizing It Up

One thing is for sure, it will generally not be cost effective to install a brand-new engine and transmission into this particular vehicle. The rest of the truck is not likely to last long enough to warrant the amount of money involved, and it comes down to a simple financial calculation. Yet these components will still need to be serviced, so the owner needs to decide whether to remanufacture or to rebuild.

What's the Difference?

These are two completely different choices, even though they sound largely the same.

To rebuild an engine component the technician will only deal with the parts that are damaged or worn at that moment. They will remove, fix and replace these faulty components while leaving the rest of the engine as it is. This is fine so long as the cause of the issue is obvious and the component in question can be fixed and replaced without any consequences. Therefore, this is a very cost-effective solution, even though it does ultimately rely on the skill of the technician.

Conversely, if you want to remanufacture the engine, then this is a more complicated approach. The entire motor will be fully disassembled and all parts inspected. Faulty components will then be repaired individually and to the standard set down by the original manufacturer, which may mean that the component in question is even more efficient than it was when the vehicle was brand new. Each component needs to be thoroughly tested before it is replaced and the truck can be sent back onto the road.

Best Choice

Remanufacturing is a great choice in many respects, as the parts (when remanufactured) represent a more cost-efficient option than buying new or aftermarket components. Generally speaking, however, this is a more costly option than rebuilding and it will need to be considered against the depreciated value of the vehicle in question.

Quality Work

Always make sure that you delegate this work to experienced and competent technicians only. This will help you get the best value for money out of your chosen approach. Contact a truck servicing repair business for more information.


26 November 2018

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