3 Car Safety Inspection Checks When Preparing for a Long Drive


Have you ever looked up at the ceiling one Friday afternoon and it felt like the walls are closing in on you? Well, those that work from home understand this feeling. Extended breaks every once in a while are recommended to rejuvenate your mind. To this end, long drives have proven to be beneficial. If you choose to take such a trip, it is essential to conduct safety inspection checks to the car. This post highlights critical areas to inspect during a car safety inspection before embarking on a long drive.

Air Filter -- If a car's engine remains off for the better part of a week, the chances are that dust will gather in the air conditioning system, particularly the air filter. The dust accumulation hinders the smooth flow of air into the car via the filter, which heightens the likelihood of breathing in dust particles during a drive. An air filter inspection is, therefore, necessary to avoid health issues. However, if you always take your car to the auto shop for servicing, then you might not know how to conduct the inspection. First, pop the hood and locate the air filter. It is preferable that you use your car's manual. Second, remove the air filter from its compartment. If its surface is still mostly white, you have no cause to worry. Conversely, an entirely black filter is a sign that you need a replacement. However, you can give the air filter a whack or two to free it of loose dust and reuse it briefly.

Spare Tyre -- The attention that most motorists give to car tyres starts and ends with the ones being used, which is dangerous because the spare tyre is equally essential. The safety inspection procedures you conduct on the rear and front tyres should also apply to the spare tyre. Since spare tyres do not have weight-bearing load on them, the air pressure in them will likely not change much. However, it is crucial to ensure that air pressure is within the recommended range. Also, check the treads carefully to rule out any possibility of a sharp object being trapped between the grooves that can cause deflating.

Tool Kit -- Another essential feature that motorists fail to give due attention is the toolbox. Granted, the toolkit should always carry the essentials such as a wrench, jack, spark plugs and crocodile clips, among others. However, what will happen if your car malfunctions in the middle of nowhere on a cold winter night? Therefore, your toolbox should not just carry the mechanical essentials. A few extra essentials such as gloves, a spare jacket, or even duct tape might be the difference between a successful get-away drive and a nightmare.   


25 April 2018

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