Taking care of your car's transmission


Your vehicle's transmission system needs to be checked regularly. However, this is not usually what happens, especially in automatic cars. The ease of driving these cars leads the car owner to neglect their transmission systems and this can lead to high repair costs. The new complex transmission systems need regular maintenance to avoid expensive repairs. So if you want to escape the agony of using your funds on transmission problems, here are some tips to help you out.

Inspect the fluid levels

The transmission fluid is what drives the vehicle—it is the blood of the system. The clutches are able to operate because of this fluid and above all, it provides lubrication. Your vehicle is probably going to have a dipstick that you can use to check the fluid level. You can refer to the owner's manual on how and where your model's dipstick is. Also check for the colour and any smells that may be present. The fluid should be red, so a dark colour and burning smell are warning signs to see a mechanic. Also remember to do the checking when the engine is warm.

Properly tune the engine

The engine and transmission systems are linked more than ever in current car models. For example, most vehicles use the vacuum in the engine to govern their hydraulic pressure and transmission quality. This means that engine problems strain the transmission system and can lead to long term failures. So ensure your engine is always in good condition by taking it for regular inspections.

Check the cooling system

The cooling system does a lot more than just cooling the engine—it also cools the transmission fluid. It does this via a heat exchanger in the radiation tank. A malfunctioning cooling system may reduce the lifespan of your transmission system and damage it long before ruining your engine. Perform regular service your cooling system and ensure that it is kept clean at all times.

Install a cooler filter

Transmission systems suffer from dirt and loose particles. These particles can erode the thrust washer and clog up passages in your system, reducing their lifespan. One effective way to deal with this menace is by adding an in-line filter to your transmission system. Filters in the cooler lines of your transmission will effectively get rid of any particles and keep them from getting into the transmission fluid. This prolongs the lifespan of your transmission system and eliminates the need to constantly replace the fluid.

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25 February 2015

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It's easy to get overlooked when you head into get your car serviced if you are a woman. I have found the trick to getting the auto repairers to take me seriously is to do some research beforehand and look at what the log book says they need to replace this service. I wish I had started doing it earlier because it's also helping me trouble shoot repair issues and I'm saving myself a lot of time and stress this way. I'm keeping track of everything I have learned on this blog so I can share it with other new drivers and help them understand their auto service requirements as well.