Car Sales | 3 Great Tips To Help You Fetch The Best Sales Price For Your Car


Selling your old car can be a frustrating process if you don't know where to get started. Perhaps you don't know what price to charge or you don't know how to go about getting the best possible price for your car. Before you sell, you may want to get minor mechanical repairs done to properly prepare your car for the sale − it makes you a trustworthy seller to ensure that your car is in good working condition while selling. Here are some tips to prepare your car for a sale.

Take Care of Detailing

Detailing simply means cleaning and restoring your car to make it more attractive for potential buyers. Minor mechanical repairs may cost you a small sum, but it is worth it when you are able to raise the sales price by several hundreds of dollars. When taking care of your car detailing, you should ensure that you clean the car under the hood. A clean engine shows that you have taken good care of your car. Make sure your interiors also look clean and well taken care of. Have all fabrics shampooed and steam cleaned and the vinyl parts polished. Headlights and taillights showing signs of oxidation can make the car look old and diminish its aesthetic appeal − you can either clean them on your own or get it done through an auto mechanic.

Fix and Repair All Damages

Make sure all scratches and dents are removed from the car during mechanical repairs. If something is broken or wrong with the car, get it fixed if you want to fetch a better price for your car. Face it, no one will be willing to pay much for a car that runs on a faulty engine. Make sure that your repairs are genuine and not just aesthetic cover-ups for impressing customers − you want the best price while retaining your honesty.

Know Your Car Functionality For Better Negotiation

When discussing the details of your car with potential buyers, make sure you are well informed of details like the number of kilometres completed, how many accidents have taken place and whether any new parts have been fitted over time. The more information you have about your car, the easier it will be to negotiate with potential buyers. For example, if you know that your engine is running perfectly, don't let a buyer bully you into lowering your price. A good idea is to talk to your auto mechanic about the car's strengths and faults to come up with an asking price. Get his advice on the lowest price that still makes selling the car a good deal. This should help you negotiate the best price for your car.

Ensure that you take care of all the aesthetical and mechanical repairs when preparing your car to get the best price while selling. For more information about repairs that can improve your car's value or other steps to take, contact a local mechanic at a shop like Treg Smiths Auto's Pty Ltd


26 May 2015

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