What to Consider With a Custom Designed Car Trailer


A custom designed car trailer can be the perfect solution if you cannot find a trailer that fits your equipment, sporting goods, or something else you haul on a regular basis. A standard trailer may not be long enough to hold your ATV and camping gear, especially if it has added accessories and aftermarket parts. You may also want to run a business out of a trailer and cannot find one to fit your needs. 

When you're ready to invest in a custom designed trailer, note a few considerations to keep in mind first. This will ensure you get the right type of trailer and know what to expect.

1. Ask what requirements are needed for food-grade trailers

If you want to run any type of vending or concession business out of a trailer, you may need to ensure it's made with certain materials and to certain specifications. For example, certain materials used to make trailer walls and floors may not be resistant to germs and bacteria, so you may be required to use steel or certain types of plastic. Your trailer may also be required to have a vent in the roof and an extra window in order to occupants to escape in case of fire. Discuss this with your trailer designer if you'll be using it for food of any sort and ensure they can build it to legal requirements.

2. Remember that weight is more than just the weight of your equipment

If you're going to be hauling an ATV, remember that you want to figure in the weight of gasoline and other fluids if you haul it when full. If you'll also haul camping equipment or other items in the trailer, you need to figure the weight of all these items as well. Don't assume that a few full gas cans or propane tanks won't add significantly to the weight that the trailer will be towing, but always ensure you choose a design that will be strong enough to hold anything and everything.

3. Think about future upgrades

Do you think you might want to add walls to your trailer in the future? If so, you'll want slots that can allow for wall panels. Will you sell your motorcycle and invest in an ATV one day? Then you may want different tie-downs and should have slots and openings for these. Consider any and all future upgrades you may want for your car trailer and be sure that your designer works all the needed details into your custom design.


23 November 2015

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