Why Your Car Breaks Down Mid-Drive and What to Do About It


Your car coming to a full stop while driving can be a major problem if you're driving along a highway and your car stops in the middle of heavy traffic. You need to get to the side of the road, get break down towing, and fix the problem as quickly as possible. To avoid these situations, you should know about the most common reasons a car breaks down mid drive and what you can do about them.

Car battery problems

Battery problems are a very common cause for break downs, even mid-drive. The usual issue when your car is not starting because of a discharged battery is not applicable here, but there can be a problem with clamps or connections that have disconnected from the battery itself. Before taking on a long drive, check that all clamps are connected to the battery. If the battery is broken and is discharging also while driving, you need to have mechanical repairs made at a shop to replace the battery and make sure that the battery itself is the actual problem and that you don't have further electrical malfunctions in your car.

Fuel problems

Forgetting to fill up the fuel tank is a common problem for your car to break down in the middle of the drive, but a far less preventable problem is leaking fuel systems. It's not only a problem that can cause you car to break down, but it's also dangerous for the environment. You should have your car regularly checked out and flushed out to make sure you don't develop this problem in a vulnerable position.

Dirty air filter

This is a problem caused after a long time of using the same filter. A dirty air filter can cause emissions and gas to circle back into the system and cause car failure. It also causes strain on the engine as it has to work harder to reach clean air and gas. Have a spare air filter ready when going on long trips, so that you can avoid having to call an emergency towing service. If you leave this problem for too long, you might have much larger problems to have repaired later than just switching a dirty air filter.

Flat tyre

Flat tyres are something that will put a definitive stop to your road trip. Luckily, this usually doesn't require any extensive repairs unless you keep driving on the flat tyre. Keep a spare tyre in your vehicle at all times and stop by the nearest mechanic to have the spare tyre changed to a real tyre. 

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29 January 2016

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