Here's What to Know About Panel Beating Repair Work


When a car accident occurs, the body of the car usually takes the brunt of collision damage. This is because the bodywork is the first part of the car to come in contact with the other vehicle during an accident.

A welcome relief for car owners is that panel beaters can fix damaged bodywork using a range of car body repair tools, techniques and skills. If your car has suffered collision damage due to an accident, you might be wondering about what to expect when it is towed down to the auto body repair shop.

Here's a lowdown on what typically happens during professional auto body repair. 

Inspecting the Car for Body Damage

The first thing that a panel beater will do before they can start working on your car is to visually inspect it for accident damage. The visual inspection helps to identify the type and extent of damage that has occurred and also determine the repair work that will be needed to take the vehicle body back to its original shape. Auto body damage can be anything from minor scratches and dents to damaged bumpers and misaligned chassis. Once all the damaged parts have been identified, the panel beater will decide on the best way to restore your auto body.

Repairing Your Car Body

Auto body repair work is aimed at restoring the original form of your car body. No job is too big or too small for an auto body repair professional to do. A great amount of detail goes into making a damaged auto body look like new again. Take scratched paint, for example. While it may seem easy to repair on the face of it, a meticulous repair job is required to make the scratch nearly invisible. In situations where the damage to the car body is extensive, the damaged panels or parts may need to be completely removed and replaced.

Applying Paint

Paint application is usually the last step of most auto body repair jobs. It involves applying a fresh coat of paint onto the damaged surface to give the vehicle a uniform look. Choosing the correct paint colour is one of the toughest tasks involved. Any slight colour variation between the repaired parts and the rest of the car could result in an unseemly look, so it is critical to let a professional handle your auto body repair.

Auto body repair costs vary depending on the type and extent of damage to your vehicle. Get a quote from local panel beaters such as Dandy Smash Repairs to find out how much you will need to have your damaged car body fixed.


8 March 2019

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