How Do Technicians Straighten a Badly Damaged Car?


As a driver, you may be very attentive behind the wheel and are always careful to look out for other road users. However, this is not the case with some other motorists, and one careless individual may have driven into the back of your car at a traffic light. On first glance, the damage appears to be extensive, and you can barely recognise the rear of your vehicle anymore. Not surprisingly, you may be very worried about the extent of this damage and particularly when it comes to the frame, so is there anything that can be done to salvage this situation?

Crumple Zones

Modern-day cars may be superior to their older cousins, simply due to the technology available and improvements in design technique. However, some of the materials used are specifically chosen so that they are less likely to cause damage or injury during an accident and, as a consequence, are designed to deform.

When these panels and parts are fitted to a vehicle, this is known as a "crumple zone," and it can often make the damage look a lot worse than it would have before. Unfortunately, however, the chassis or frame can sometimes be affected due to the lightweight construction of those components, and this is what may be giving you cause for concern.

Jig Technology

Nevertheless, technology may come to your rescue. Technicians can put your vehicle on to a computerised tool known as a jig and can analyse the extent of the damage using ultrasound equipment. They will be able to see if the chassis or frame is indeed bent and if so, they'll connect that particular part of the car to a very powerful ram, using metal chains. With the rest of the vehicle tied down to the equipment, the ram can then apply force to the affected part and move it back into its original position. This can be done to an extremely high degree of accuracy, using computer software and information provided by the manufacturer.

Frame Replacement

In some instances, it may be necessary to cut out part of the frame and weld in a replacement, although this is not generally done in the case of an extensive repair as it may compromise the integrity of the vehicle.

Moving Forward

Take your car into a body repair shop equipped with the latest jig technology. You may be surprised at what they may be able to achieve so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible. To learn more, contact your local smash repair shop. 


22 November 2019

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