Clutch Maintenance and Repair Tips


A clutch is a critical part of a manual transmission system because it controls the distribution of power from an engine to the wheels. For example, during acceleration, a clutch allows the shifting of gears to generate the necessary power. Most importantly, a driver cannot change gears without a clutch. However, a clutch requires regular repair or replacement due to intensive wear and tear. Here are some tips for first-time car owners to bear in mind when doing a clutch repair job.

Signs of a Faulty Clutch  

A failing clutch will often show some signs that car owners should not ignore. One common sign is slipping gears, which leads to momentary loss of acceleration. A worn-out clutch can cause slippage of gears, causing a vehicle to jerk forward unnecessarily. However, there might be other causes of gear slippage. Therefore, a mechanic should inspect a clutch and transmission system to establish the need for replacement. Another sign of a faulty clutch is occasional sticking when pressed. A sticking clutch could point to a faulty hydraulic linkage system, which might require modification. Alternatively, a sticking clutch might be caused by loss of hydraulic fluid due to leakage. Therefore, you might be required to either adjust or replace a clutch linkage system. Another sign to look out for is a burning smell when you engage a clutch. The smell might indicate a worn-out or overheating clutch, which calls for replacement.

Clutch Maintenance 

A clutch has several moving parts that need to be serviced for optimal performance and durability. You are likely to find a cable clutch system in older vehicles, but newer models use a hydraulic system. Always ensure that your clutch system is inspected by a certified mechanic, who specialises in manual transmission systems. A mechanic should check the level of hydraulic fluid and top it, depending on your vehicle's service schedule.

Clutch Replacement 

During clutch replacement, a transmission system is removed to access critical components, including a clutch disc, pilot bearing, pressure plate, and throw-out bearing. Another crucial part that is replaced or resurfaced is a flywheel, especially if it has surpassed the service limit. Note that removing a transmission system might necessitate replacing other components, such as slave cylinders in some vehicles. A mechanic might also replace the rear main seal of an engine because a malfunction can cause the oil to leak into a clutch assembly, which causes premature clutch failure. Besides, remember to replace the transmission fluid while doing a clutch job.  

For more information, reach out to a local clutch repair service.


13 October 2020

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