Could Your Car Battery Be Overheating?


While most modern-day batteries are designed to last for several years in normal conditions, they can sometimes deteriorate due to both external and internal factors. When this happens, the battery may begin to overheat, and while a certain amount of elevated temperature is okay, you will want to avoid anything excessive. What should you do if you suspect that the battery is overly hot?

Battery Make-Up

Firstly, check to see what type of battery you have. If it is one of the older, traditionally flooded batteries, there is a risk associated with a short circuit. The lead plates could come into contact with each other if the system that separates them has started to melt. In this case, the battery's internal temperature will soar, and you should replace the unit as soon as possible. This type of scenario is unusual if you have the latest AGM battery fitted, as these have more robust fibreglass separators that sit in between the lead plates.

Mechanical Malfunction

There's a chance that other parts of your vehicle's electrical system are contributing to your overly hot battery. For example, the voltage regulator or alternator may be faulty, leading to a constant flow of voltage to the battery instead. Overcharging will then lead to excess heat and quick deterioration.

Paying Attention

Make sure that you check the terminal connections regularly so they are still correctly attached. If one of the terminals is loose, then it could lead to increased resistance and, once again, an overheating unit. You should always ensure that the connections are clean and eliminate any buildup of corrosion. This powdery substance can also increase electrical resistance and elevate the risk of damage.

Making Changes

If you live in a tropical part of the country, it may be difficult to avoid excess ambient temperatures during the summer. If you can, limit the amount of long-distance driving you do on hotter days and park the vehicle under shade when not in use. This will certainly help to keep the temperature underneath the bonnet lower than it would otherwise be.

Taking Action

If you feel that your battery is not working as it should and overheating may be a problem, take the vehicle in for a service as soon as possible. The technician will look at the unit and replace it if necessary, while they will also check to see if there are any mitigating factors and take action to rectify those, too.

Contact a local car battery provider to learn more.


5 January 2022

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