How To Successfully Change A Hinge Pin On A Damaged Truck Door


Due to the amount of miles travelled by a truck, it is not uncommon for either damage or wear and tear to affect the door of the vehicle. This can lead to the need to change the hinge pin. Although replacing the entire door hinge is an option, this can be expensive and time consuming. It is, however, possible to simply change the hinge pin instead; this is a job that can be carried out by the truck owner and a helper.

6 March 2015

Taking care of your car's transmission


Your vehicle's transmission system needs to be checked regularly. However, this is not usually what happens, especially in automatic cars. The ease of driving these cars leads the car owner to neglect their transmission systems and this can lead to high repair costs. The new complex transmission systems need regular maintenance to avoid expensive repairs. So if you want to escape the agony of using your funds on transmission problems, here are some tips to help you out.

25 February 2015

Does Your Car Need a Trip to the Repair Shop?


You may be able to start your car and drive it on the road, but this doesn't mean it's in good repair or that it's even safe. Some car repairs that compromise your safety are difficult to detect or their signs get overlooked by car owners, who may reason that if their car can be driven then a repair job can wait. This can be not just dangerous but it can also cause that needed repair to get worse so that you wind up paying more once you do visit a mechanic.

19 February 2015